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Sick With It 

Specializing in Custom Art and Design

New Sick   Inkz

Sick With It
Full Color Portraits
True Black and Gray
Or Black and Gray Wash
True Black and Gray Portraits
New School Color Balm
Abstract Color Pieces
Full Color Murals
Photoshop Designed Tattoos
Horror Tattoos
Color Saturation Pieces
Photo Realism
Getting Sick With It.... Priceless
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Bird Shyt is bak Baby!

It's Back and Better than Ever

New Sick   Inks

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Be sure to ask how you   can join   our   weekly   or   monthly   Payment   Plans   and   save   $50   Off   every   hour....



Artist and Piercer

A multi award winning tattoo artist, nationally recognized and world acclaimed. Been tattooing and Piercing for 30 years.

Bird works on appointment only. To book your tattoo or piercing, Call or txt (463)208-SICK, or click on the Book Now tab below.

Now offering 
Payment Plans

Now offering 
Payment Plans

Let’s Work Together

6411 Kentucky Ave

Indianapolis, IN. 46221

Tel: 463-208-SICK

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