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It's Back in stock!!!


Bird Shyt is the #1 Trusted Tattoo Aftercare and Skin Care Solution by hundreds of clients since 2010.


No matter if you use it to heal your tattoo twice as fast, for popping the color back out on your older tattoo, for dry skin or cracked lips, Bird Shyt is the best Shyt and the only Shyt that you will ever need. This Skin Care Solution is good for anything, including your Tattoo Aftercare. 

Bird Shyt- Tattoo Aftercare and Skin Care Solution

  • We stand on our Shyt!

    If you do not like Bird Shyt, we will buy it back. Not one container has been returned since 2010 when we first launched our product, so we can guarantee your satisfaction with our Shyt. Dont like it; bring it back! No Shyt.

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